Prof. Dr. Alexander W. Schmidt-Catran

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10/2004-07/2009 University of Cologne - Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Science
Diploma (equivalent to masters degree) - grade: 1.6
  • Course of studies: Social Science
  • Elective Courses:
    1. Empirical Economic and Social Science Research
    2. Economic and Social Psychology
10/2009-10/2012 Cologne Graduate School (CGS) - Research Training Group SOCLIFE
  • Funding: 3-year scholarship from the German Science Foundation (DFG)
  • Participation in a series of intense statistical and methodological courses
  • 04/2013 - successful doctorial examination (summa cum laude)

Professional Experience

05/2006-12/2006 Psychonomics AG (Market Research Institute)
Student assistant
  • Programmed questionnaires for computer assisted telephone interviews
  • Analyzed market research data in SPSS
  • Presentation of results and strategical implications in Power Point
01/2007-09/2009 Institute for Empirical Economic and Social Science Research (University of Cologne)
Student assistant and tutor
  • Research assistant for various projects, responsibilities: data management and advanced multivariate statistics
  • Supported publishing process of four books in sociology and political science.
08/2008-12/2008 Institute of Cooperative Studies
Consultant for the research project "micro insurence in developing countries"
  • Responsibilities: Survey methodology, data management, data quality and data analysis
10/2009-07/2011 Institute for Empirical Economic and Social Science Research (University of Cologne)
Research assistant
  • Wrote two accompanying work books for lecture in advanced multi-variate analysis
  • Co-author of "Applied Panel Data Analysis for Social and Economic Surveys" (forthcoming)
From 08/2011 Institute for Empirical Economic and Social Science Research (University of Cologne)
Full research associate
  • Teaching survey methodology and advanced multi-variate data analysis
  • Co-author of "Applied Panel Data Analysis for Social and Economic Surveys" (Springer, 2014)
08/2012-09/2012 Sociology Department at the University of Umeå, Sweden
Visiting researcher, host: Jan Mewes
  • Participation in seminars
  • Finishing of PhD-Thesis
09/2012-10/2012 Sociology Department at the Tilburg University, Netherlands
Visiting researcher, host: Wim van Oorschot
  • Participation in seminars
  • Finishing of PhD-Thesis
03/2014 School of Geographical Science at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Visiting researcher, host: Malcolm Fairbrother
  • Working on joint project
  • Invited talk "Migration and Natives' Welfare Attitudes"
03/2014 Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW) Berlin, Germany
Visiting researcher, host: Marco Giesselmann
  • Working on joint project

Teaching Experience

10/2007-08/2009 "From students to students" program of the Student Council of Sociology (University of Cologne)
Tutor for the course "Data Analysis using STATA"
  • Two introductory STATA courses each term
  • Designed a new course, compiled material and corrected assignments
04/2008-07/2011 Institute for Empirical Economic and Social Science Research (University of Cologne)
Class tutor
  • 04/2008-03/2010: Research Lab "Secondary Analysis of International Survey Data" (with Dr. Achim Goerres)
  • 04/2008-07/2011: Lectures "Linear Models" and "Causal Analysis" (in English, lecturer: Prof. Hans-Juergen Andress)
08/2008-12/2008 Institute of Cooperative Studies (University of Cologne)
  • Designed a course "Advanced STATA" for the members of the institute

From 08/2011 Institute for Empirical Economic and Social Science Research (University of Cologne)
  • 10/2011-02/2012: Spezielle Erhebungsverfahren "Online-Umfragen" (data collection via online surveys)
  • 04/2012-04/2016: Research Lab "Secondary data analysis with cross-national survey data"
  • 11/2014: Advanced Research Methods (PhD-level course)
From 03/2014 Cologne Graduate School (University of Cologne)
  • 03/2014: PhD-level course "Applied Panel Data Analysis in Stata". Designed and held a three-day workshop including lectures and practical exercises
  • 04/2014-07/2014: PhD-level course "Concepts and Data" (together with Prof. Lea Ellwardt)
08/2015 Heinrich-Heine University, Düsseldorf
  • Structural Equation Modeling in Stata. Lecture and hands-on workshop with PhD-Students from Düsseldorf
02/2016 GESIS Cologne
  • GESIS Spring Seminar 2016 - Introduction into the Analysis of Panel Data

Scholarships, Prizes and Grants

10/2009-07/2011 Full PhD Scholarship
3-year scholarship from the Germany Science Foundation (DFG)

07/2010-08/2010 German Academic Exchange Service Scholarship
Travel grant and course fee for study at the University of Essex, United Kingdom

3/2013 Best PhD-Paper Award
"Best PhD-Paper Award" at the 9th International Multilevel Conference in Utrecht, Netherlands

9/2014 Publication Prize
Publication prize of the University of Cologne for outstanding publications of PhD-students

Other Academic Activities

Referee for Academic Journals
  • European Sociological Review
  • Social Indicators Research
  • Journal of European Social Policy
  • Survey Research Methods
  • European Journal of Political Research
  • Social Science Review
  • Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie
  • British Journal of Political Science
  • European Societies
  • Journal of Social Policy
  • Schmollers Jahrbuch

10/2009-09/2012 SOCLIFE Representative
Representative of the SOCLIFE Cohort 2009

04/2014-08/2015 Representative - Mid-level Staff
Representative of the academic mid-level staff

07/2014-06/2015 Selection Committee: Professorship in Quantitative Methods and Statistics
Member of the committee to select a candidate for a professorship in quantitative methods and statistics

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