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MLT News

01/28/2013 Mlt-package update available (1.4 beta).

01/01/2013 Mlt-package (1.3 beta) is now available at the SSC archive.

12/19/2012 We will present the mlt-package at the 9th International Multilevel Conference, 2013 in Utrecht.

07/23/2012 Mlt-package (1.2 beta) released.

06/01/2012 Presentation of the mlt-package at the German Stata Users Group Meeting 2012 in Berlin. Download the presentation here!

03/13/2012 Version 1.0 beta released.

Multilevel Tools - an Ado-package for Stata

Katja Möhring and Alexander Schmidt-Catran.

The mlt-package (multilevel tools) is a module of Stata macros. It contains some general commands useful for typical tasks in multilevel modelling and also some postestimation commands for hierarchical mixed models (xtmixed, xtmelogit and xtmepoisson).

Please report bugs and problems to Alexander Schmidt-Catran or Katja Möhring.


We very much like to thank Manfred te Grotenhuis for providing his assistance and giving us the inspiration to write the mltcooksd ado. Manfred te Grotenhuis and his colleagues provide similar macros for other statistical programs.

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